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dc is the best city ever. [Tuesday
April 10th, 2007
[ mood | great ]

hey guys... i thought that my last post would be the LAST lj poster ever for me, but i'm sitting in this lady's office while my dad meets with his boss and i'm pretty bored. i'm in washington dc, my favorite city in the whole world!! i just love how it's so... alive. it's like new york but it's smaller and safer and so much easier to get around. my dad and i flew up sunday night, which was uneventful. yesterday we visited george washington university, a small, very urban school right in the middle of the city. it was really neat, but i think there was definitely too much concrete for my taste. then today we visited american university- OH MY GODDDDD. it's AMAZING!!! it is probably the neatest college i have ever been to. it is in dc but it's really close to the maryland border, so it's all suburban and nice and there's lots of grass and stuff, but it's only 20 minutes from the mall. the campus is absolutely gorgeous. it's smaller than i was thinking, but it's so incredible. and there are people from all over, even other countries. and 25% jews! i think i'm in love. right now i'm in a rescare office in dc in georgetown. after my dad's meeting we're going shopping, my favorite activity of course. and then tomorrow i have to leave. boo. this break is going by so fast it's scaring me. thursday i'm visiting iu, taking a tour of everything and then spending the night with emily berman. saturday i have the act and then it's time to go back to school. i wish i could start college tomorrow. senior year will be great, but just visiting colleges gets me hankering for independence. the only bad thing about these dc schools is that they're so far! i don't know what i think yet. it's been nice talking to you all, and everybody enjoy your break!! <3 steph


April 3rd, 2007
livejournal is dead.

it's all about facebook!!!!

my life sucks story [Tuesday
March 27th, 2007
[ mood | oww... here comes the pain!!! ]

so who wants to hear a my life sucks story?

i was at dance last night, and when i was doing the jazz splits i fell backwards on my leg and heard this loud popping noise and then felt A LOT of pain in my knee. i had to sit out and ice it and stuff, and it hurt really bad when i bent it. this morning i woke up and i couldn't even get out of bed, it hurt so bad, and it was like double the size of my other knee. so i had to go to the doctor and found out that i dislocated my knee and i am now hobbling around on crutches.

the worst part is that i am totally serious.


anxiety [Thursday
March 22nd, 2007
[ mood | anxious ]


i am so overwhelmed i feel like i can't breathe. i even had to miss grey's anatomy, the one light at the end of the tunnel each thursday. what a gross night.


sick meditation [Tuesday
March 13th, 2007
being home sick is really strange. on one hand it's nice- i slept in monday and tuesday until about 12 pm, which was great, didn't have to work, discovered all kinds of new television shows. the only bad thing was the fact that i was sick. nothing too severe, but i just felt like a bump on a log all day. i haven't left the house since sunday. right now i just feel weird and lethargic. i just want to lay there and not be bored but not be at school either because i'm dreading the mounds of makeup work awaiting me. ugh. i just kind of want to stare at something mindlessly for awhile.

March 6th, 2007
for anyone reading this, pass this along to everyone you know!!!

A Benefit Concert for the Genocide in Darfur
Sponsored by Manual's own Amnesty International group
March 24, 2007
@ The Temple's Klein Center
5 pm(music starts at 5:30) to 12:30 am
featuring some amazing bands:
august moon
john gage
al sur
some really cool jazz group
river city drum corps
and more!!

come come come!!!!!!!

February 25th, 2007
is better to be single forever or date guys you're not attracted to at all?

update [Monday
February 19th, 2007
[ mood | tired ]

hey guys... i haven't posted in awhile... this is weird. umm-- right now i'm up at u of k on a college visit w/ my cousin rachel. it's good so far but we haven't done much. i'm in the dorm (which is REALLY nice for a freshman) and i'm pretty tired. i'm going to classes with her tomorrow and stuff. i feel a little weird, but i guess visiting a non threatening college first is a good step.

what else is goin on with me? like nothing... lots of homework and shit. the usual. how about you?


iflurtz [Wednesday
February 14th, 2007
some interesting "compatible" matches from my iflurtz profile:
adam moser
cameron smither
shae bishop
julian clark
some guy named dustin

...the only names i remember. the others were people i don't know.
so basically that was a fun waste of 2 bucks. ;)

happy valentine's day everybody!!

things i'm scared of [Thursday
February 8th, 2007
things i'm scared of (keep in mind some of these are if they WERE to be realistic):
horror movies
epidemics and all that gross stuff
nuclear warfare
being abducted/raped/something else gruesome
being on my own
public speaking
rock climbing

that was fun...

let it snow!! [Tuesday
February 6th, 2007
if you have any sense of decency...
a snow day would rock so much.

address to the snow god----
i watched the weather diligently all week.
i recruited dozens of people to do the snow dance.
i did the snow dance.
i've been working so hard in school.
please bless me with a day off school tomorrow!!!!
;) it never hurts to ask

favorite things [Thursday
February 1st, 2007
[ mood | contemplative ]

yesterday sucked...
but today was good. yay 2 hour delay! i wish i could get 9 hours of sleep every night. what's really sad is that i even have to say that. gah.
so i have a little game... let's all post our favorite things that make us happy. then we'll get to know each other more. plus it's always fun. okay, i'll start it:
1) book- a tree grows in brooklyn
2) movie- little miss sunshine
3) tv show- grey's anatomy
4) ice cream flavor- graeter's black raspberry chip
5) song- waiting on the world to change, john mayer
6) soft drink- diet coke
7) feeling- when you have no stress and you're just all light and happy.
so everybody do it!


January 23rd, 2007
[ mood | overwhelmed ]

i was printing out my chem lab report when i realized that i haven't posted in a really long time. so here's what i have to look forward to:
1) chem test
2) psych test
3) math test
4) french tests
5) the speech from hell
6) cheesecake factory!
7) mall scavenger hunt
8) probably lots of hmwk
9) taking the act... sometime
10) studying for ap tests
11) waiting for gsp results!
12) trying to find some happiness.
i'm actually okay. i just feel a little overwhelmed.


goodbye 2006, hello 2007! [Sunday
December 31st, 2006
[ mood | anxious yet excited? ]

goodbye 2006! i love you.
so many great things happened during this year:
sweet 16
learning to drive
junior year-- kick ass schedule, new friends
fun times
a whole carefree summer
jcc camp
chicago trip (my future city)

and some not so good things:
the ny fiasco
ms. williams
the paper of doom
gsp applications
mom's surgery
uncle joe's death
health scares

i'm sad to see this year end mainly because it has been great, though, and i'm kind of scared of the future. college applications, being 17, hopefully bringing some new firsts.. scary shit. but i have this feeling that 2007 will be amazing. and i will make it amazing. i have plenty of new years resolutions a brewin that will hopefully bring me some satisfaction. plus another great summer in store!

i loved you, 2006, but in with the old and out with the new! hello 2007!!!


winter break [Saturday
December 23rd, 2006
[ mood | contemplative ]

so even though you all have up and left me over the holiday break, i'm still posting for your reading pleasure. because i'm just that good of a person. so here's my life recently...

i went driving with my dad today and finally earned his trust. westport, hubbards, taylorsville, hikes point, bardstown, newburg- all mastered! oh yeah. my dad said with the exception of at night, in bad weather, during 5 o'clock traffic, or on highways (actually a lot of exceptions)i can drive pretty much anywhere. that was good to learn.

i got my SAT score today. i got a 1920. is that good? i'm not applying ivy league or anything and i looked up some colleges, and my score could get me in. but i'm kinda disappointed because i wanted to pass 2000 (i'm an overachiever- it's the manual complex). hey, i've still got plenty of time.

tty cats later!


winter break [Wednesday
December 20th, 2006
[ mood | pleased ]

wow. a lot has happened in the last 10 days.
a) break!!! yay!!!!
b) $5 movie night @ tinseltown rocks.
c) hanukkah! best presents ever. nothing huge, just nice. tons of cool jewelry. and a new purse that is so gorgous, it's like orgasmic.
d) driving!!! i just got back from driving with an instructor and i am a kick ass driver. i went all over the place. no highways but tons of roads, including shelbyville! and i didn't die!! arer you impressed or what?

i'm impressed. and i feel like i'm in a state of bliss or something. two more weeks of this incredible nothingness. i love it.


December 10th, 2006
recital was good. i was so nervous but our dances went well. especially our tap- who knew i was such a hot cowboy? jazz was okay except i messed up my split a little bit. oh well. i'll post a pic soon. it's too bad no one came... hint hint...

holy shit. [Wednesday
December 6th, 2006
holy shit.
my mom picks me up from school today and tells me that a pipe burst in my room. there is a big-ass whole in the wall, the carpet is completely soaked, water flooded all the way through and into the kitchen and basement. all of my stuff is packed up into boxes in the hallway. i think the carpet has to be replaced. everything is fucked up.
i hate wednesdays.

December 3rd, 2006
i'm considering boycotting lj because none of you are commenting on my posts. i know that you're out there reading them and you're just too lazy to comment. i realize that i should be doing more commenting too, so i will. but you should too.

sat! over! yay! today has been fine so far. lots of work. i made some amazing fake ads for my english project. if you want to see them, let me know.

darfur [Sunday
November 26th, 2006
[ mood | heartbroken and upset ]

Since about 2004, I have been aware of the genocide occurring in Darfur, Sudan. Over 400,000 lives have been lost since 2003, and the death toll continues to rise as we sit back and watch it with indifference. I know that it seems like there isn't much individual people can do, but the world needs to do something now. I have been writing my research paper on this topic and this video just made it click how real this was: this is occurring RIGHT NOW. it could be us. so i think we need to do something. i don't know what. maybe shorty could have a fundraiser program? or we could just do something on our own.



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